We have the pleasure of bringing to your attention the general directions and procedures of “ML-Bulgaria”, a company specializing in the collection, transport, and disposal of dangerous hazardous waste.

There are large quantities of different types of hazardous waste generated by a variety of manufacturing plants and other companies. Unfortunately, Bulgaria still lacks the infrastructure necessary for the proper disposal of hazardous waste and most of the waste needs to be exported. Therefore, when a client makes an inquiry it is important to provide us with as detailed as possible information regarding the quantity and type of the waste as well as its packaging. We cannot guarantee that we would be able to process every type of waste.


  • The client sends information about the type, chemical composition, and packaging of the waste.
  • Having received the required information, we evaluate the options for disposal.
  • Following an initial assessment, we inform the client whether we would be able to dispose of the waste.
  • It is possible that we would not be able to process certain types of waste.
  • After we inform the client about the details of the disposal procedure, we send a quote.
  • The next step is the signing of a contract detailing the parameters of the service.
  • Filling in of documents legally required for lawful disposal of hazardous waste.
  • Measurement of the quantity of the waste
  • Waste disposal.